The Best Cities to Start a Business This Year

Best Cities to Start a Business This Year

If you are interested in starting a new business this year, you have come to the right place! We are going to share the best and most popular cities in the US to start a business!


Let’s face it – Americans are worn with an entrepreneurial gene. It is in their DNA to become business owners and run their own companies. From the Gold Rush and Manifest Destiny to the Industrial Revolution, as well as, the Internet Age, we can say that intense periods of innovation have forged the economy and sparked essential societal progress and advancements.


According to a research, more than 15 million people in the US or approximately 10% of the workforce are entrepreneurs or they work for themselves. The best thing is that there is always room for new business ideas, new products and services, and stories on the market. All you need is your creativity and you can conquer the world.


In order to help future entrepreneurs and successful business owners and increase their chances of making a profit, a few analysts compared the startup opportunities that exist in more than 150 populated cities in the US. Different key metrics were used in this research such as office space affordability and five-year-survival rate to create a list of the best and most popular cities to start a business this year. So let’s see the results:


The best place to start a business in the US is Oklahoma City, OK. On second place is Salt Lake City, UT and on third Charlotte, NC. 4th place is taken by Tulsa, OK and on 5th place is Grand Rapids, MI. On 6th place we have Durham, NC, on 7th place is St.Louis, MO, on 8th is Austin, TX, on 9th is Amarillo, TX, and finally, we have Sioux Falls, SD.


The worst ten cities to start a business in the US are Seattle, WA, Philadelphia, PA, Vancouver, WA, Pittsburgh, PA, Providence, PA, Tacoma, WA, Washington DC, Fremont, CA, Spokane, WA, and Chesapeake, VA.


If you are interested in starting a new business company this year, take a look at this research and determine whether or not starting a business in your city is a smart idea. Sometimes, it is better to start a new business in the city next to yours. Make your own research and then come up with the final decision.

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